About Us

An Experienced and Reliable Source for TV Parts

GoTVParts caters to individuals seeking replacement parts for their televisions, serving as a dependable resource for TV repair enthusiasts, technicians, and those looking to enhance their TV viewing experience.

Our Enthusiasm for TV Parts:
Immersed in the electronic world of TV parts, we prioritize quality, compatibility, and simplicity in TV parts.

We meticulously extract functional parts from working TVs (new & used), conducting thorough inspections in-house.

Direct acquisition of TV parts and components from manufacturers ensures we meet the evolving repair needs of specific TV models.

Established in 1996, GoTVParts is a division of OnTech Force LLC, specializing in electronic repair and eCommerce.

Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

At GoTVParts, we hold a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. In a world where electronic waste is increasingly becoming a concern, we believe in the power of repair over disposal. Every repaired TV part not only contributes to extending the life of your television but also plays a vital role in reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste.

Discarding TVs into landfills results in harmful chemicals and materials leaching into the soil and water, posing a threat to our planet’s delicate ecosystems. By choosing repair over replacement, you actively participate in the global effort to minimize electronic waste and promote a more sustainable future.

Join us in the journey towards a greener and cleaner planet. Together, let’s make a conscious choice to repair, reduce, and reuse for the well-being of our environment and future generations.

Our Mission:

At GoTVParts, our mission is to redefine the television repair experience by providing accessible, high-quality replacement parts that empower individuals to extend the life of their TVs. We are dedicated to fostering a sustainable approach to electronics by promoting repair over disposal, contributing to a greener planet. Our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility drives us to be the go-to source for TV parts, creating a community that values innovation, sustainability, and a lasting impact.

Meet Our Founder: Oscar Silvera

At GoTVParts, we go beyond the traditional confines of the TV parts industry, encapsulating a vision realized by our dedicated founder, Oscar Silvera. Fueled by a profound love for martial arts and a profound connection to its philosophy, Oscar embarked on a transformative mission to establish a platform where individuals can purchase affordable and dependable TV parts.

Oscar’s unwavering dedication and extensive expertise serve as the driving force behind GoTVParts. With three decades of experience in the electronic repair world, Oscar has not only shaped the foundation of our company but has also instilled a commitment to excellence that permeates every aspect of our operations.

Beyond his role as a founder, Oscar is not only passionate about the electronic repair world but also loves to teach martial arts. This commitment to education and empowerment extends into his vision for GoTVParts.

Oscar Silvera’s vision goes beyond merely providing TV parts; it encapsulates a belief in offering accessible, top-quality replacement parts, empowering you to extend your TV’s life. Infused with the principles of martial arts philosophy of discipline, precision, and continuous improvement, Oscar has cultivated a community-focused ethos that resonates throughout our entire organization.

Join us in the pursuit of Oscar’s vision, where passion meets innovation, and together, we redefine what’s possible in the world of TV parts.

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